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Over the past two years we have been working in partnership with a Red Dot award winning design company to move our range into the future of aesthetics and functionality. Having developed and evolved from over 30 years’ experience in the broadcast industry, the e-Type II is a ground-breaking, modular broadcast console. The innovative, easy-to-install modular design allows for customisation and reconfiguration as your studio develops and expands. The e-Type II can accommodate a wide range of accessories which provide both an aesthetically appealing finish with maximum functionality.

Customised e-Type II

You can customise the worksurface of your e-Type II console with any of our available finishes.
Flick through the available colours to see how an e-Type II console could look in your control room.

e-Type II console
optional features

  1. Dual height fully adjustable monitor arm
  2. Feature light
  3. Power / data cable route
  4. End panel
  5. Kontrol touch power desktop unit
  6. Cable access through aluminium leg extrusion
  7. Electronically height adjustable totem
  8. 19” Modular equipment wedge
  9. Modular 4U pod
  10. Continuous cable management brushstrip
  11. 6U cable access pedestal
  12. Rear hinged access to cable management route
  13. Modular infill work surface panel
  14. Work surface available in multiple finishes
  15. Fully adjustable speaker stand
  16. Front removable access and front racking
  17. Deep modular 5U pod


  • Fully modular and reconfigurable

  • Console mounted 19” equipment pods

  • Custom configurations for Mixers, RCP’s and other broadcast equipment

  • Wide range of optional accessories

  • The industry-standard console

Integrated cable management system
Modular Desk Mounted Equipment Pods
Monitor Arm Solutions