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Supporting excellence in automotive testing: a case study with AB Dynamics and Lund Halsey

Lund Halsey AB Dynamics News 2024

In the realm of vehicle engineering, precision is paramount. For AB Dynamics, a renowned consultancy specialising in automotive testing systems, maintaining the highest standards is not just a goal—it's a necessity. With clients ranging from the top 25 global vehicle manufacturers to Euro NCAP laboratories and government test authorities, AB Dynamics leads the charge in ensuring vehicle safety and performance worldwide.

As part of their ongoing expansion, AB Dynamics sought to elevate their capabilities further by commissioning our team, as leading specialists in control room design and innovation, to create their new simulator observation control room. The task was challenging: the control room had to meet incredibly exacting standards, reflecting the precision and reliability that are synonymous with the AB Dynamics' brand.

Drawing upon our experience and expertise, we ultimately designed, manufactured and implemented a control room console that would exceed AB Dynamics' rigorous requirements. Overcoming numerous challenges, we designed a console and crafted a space that would integrate leading technology with a sleek ergonomic design aesthetic to ultimately help ensure performance and user comfort.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and ingenuity in driving progress, and AB Dynamics have not only enhanced their testing capabilities they also reaffirmed their position as a leader in the field of automotive testing.

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