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ISO 11064 Phase C/D: Working Environment Design2024-02-21T11:20:21+00:00

ISO 11064 Phase C/D:
Working Environment Design

Control Room Design

ISO 11064
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ISO 11064
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ISO 11064
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ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
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In a contemporary control room, the working environment directly affects safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our design intent package thoroughly addresses all the key considerations for an effective working environment.

System automation and AI integration have changed the roles of many 24/7 control room operators. They may focus on monitoring for exceptions, so it’s essential that they have an optimised working environment for maintaining vigilance throughout their shift, to meet industry-recognised performance criteria.

LundHalsey’s experts blend practical experience and operational rigour to deliver a comprehensive report. It embraces Performance Shaping Factors (PSFs) like glare and background noise, operator situational awareness and operator vigilance and alertness.

Working Environment Design showing desk layout and functions of a control room environment.

Our control room working environment assessments, designs, specifications, and reports cover key specialist areas:

  • Thermal environment
  • Air quality
  • Lighting environment
  • Acoustic environment
  • Vibration
  • Aesthetics
  • Mechanical design integration
  • Security and staff access management
  • Maintaining situational awareness in every task and situation
  • Raised flooring, cable management and routing
  • Materials, finishes, colour schemes

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