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A science-based approach

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LundHalsey’s approach is detailed, rigorous and built on a foundation of knowledge from designing and deploying control rooms in demanding environments. Crucially, we pride ourselves on ‘right first time’ design and deployment.

A deep understanding of operational viewpoints

To make sure we get it right, we have carried out first hand interviews with hundreds of control room operators in global, safety critical industries. This means we have a forensic understanding of the pressure and risks for operators working shifts over a 24-hour cycle.

Explore the stages of the ISO 11064 process

ISO 11064
Phase A:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B/C:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase D/E:

Our design and deployment experience gives us detailed knowledge and thorough comprehension of current best practices. We fully understand operator interface technologies and how they can improve situational awareness, reduce operator error, reduce operator workload and enhance operator job satisfaction. We also look at the working environment as a whole, addressing acoustics, lighting and thermal design together, to harmonise them for optimum performance.

Continually evolving design best practice

We continue to build and update our insights, as operator roles and responsibilities and technologies change, and we deliberately invest in this process. To make sure we intelligently address standards such as ISO11064, our technical solutions have evolved to track and address changes in operational needs and user requirements.

LundHalsey AB Dynamics Control room

Our proven design process means every LundHalsey control room is built on strong user-centric and risk mitigation foundations. The impressive and stylish appearance of our control rooms always goes hand in hand with high performance and operationally optimisation for today’s real-world conditions.

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