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Human factors design and optimisation are vital aspects of control room performance. If you’d like to know how your existing control room or a planned refit measures up against human factors risks, and the best practices for mitigating these, book a free consultation now.

Our control room human factors consultation is conducted online via an audio/video call and typically takes up to an hour, thus providing valuable insights in an efficient way. This session is tailored to review and assess staffing health and well-being in your current or planned control room operation.

Our consultant will explore your operational environment and its unique challenges and will then identify areas for improvement. At the end, you’ll have ideas about how to elevate performance through human factors risk reduction, along with an understanding of what you need to consider to satisfy ISO 11064 guidelines.

Take the first step to improved control room performance – book your human factors consultation now to benefit from free, specialist advice tailored to your needs:

  • Specialist advice for refurbishment and refits
  • Targeted analysis of your operational working environment
  • Tailored suggestions based on risks posed
  • Accommodate existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Review operational needs and user requirements
  • ISO 11064 insights
  • Recommend upgrades and risk control measures
  • Discuss integration processes for minimal disruption
  • Understand how corporate branding is used to enhance aesthetics in the user environment
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