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ISO 11064 Phase A: Existing Control Room Assessment2024-02-21T11:13:51+00:00

ISO 11064 Phase A:
Existing Control Room Assessment

Control Room Design

ISO 11064
Phase A:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B/C:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase D/E:

Assess the fitness for purpose of your current facilities and understand how you could improve and update them for better performance and safety.

LundHalsey’s control room experts carry out a comprehensive, structured, risk-based assessment of your existing operation, including the operational layout and working environment design. The review focuses on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. We consider Performance Shaping Factors (PSFs), operator situational awareness and operator vigilance and alertness.

Our report will identify concerns, make recommendations for improved control and performance, and summarise your options clearly in a ‘way forward’ strategy.

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