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Our Service And Capabilities

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At LundHalsey, we are proud to offer our clients a world-class control room design service that blends experience with capability. Our turnkey service combines high-impact, contemporary aesthetic design skills, exceptional functional technical design knowledge and a deep understanding of how human factors impact performance in real world applications. The experience of working with us is one of end-to-end quality, excellence and reassurance.

Our team is experienced in designing mission critical control room projects at any scale – from single-site, highly bespoke, single operator control rooms to large-scale, multi-location, bespoke control room facilities.

LundHalsey ClonBio Control Room

Exceptional Impact Where It Matters

We have a unique blend of skills that are appreciated by the most discerning clients. Our extensive experience in human factors, operational function and control room technology, blended with cutting-edge design delivers optimal performance and intelligently implemented technology – our clients gain far more than a superficially impressive control suite.

Naturally, aesthetics and the overall visual impact are important to us, but that’s not enough by itself. We design on-brand control rooms with breathtakingly impressive style – but beneath the surface appeal, you will know that the design is forensically considered as a critical operational environment, using a scientific, evidence-based approach.

Our Design Service For Working Environments That Optimise Human Performance:

  • Operational and human factor risk and assessment
  • Complete planning and design for control room facilities
  • User requirement analyses, ergonomics, and conceptual layout
  • Operational layout
  • Immersive virtual reality walkthroughs
  • High quality render visualisation
  • Full branding and design aesthetics service
  • GAP analysis
  • Change management support for existing control room renovation
  • Customised and stock technical operator console & meeting solutions

Our Design Credentials

Our design consultancy has extensive experience working across a wide range of industries all over the world, from the most high-profile to the most high-risk environments. Each shares a common appreciation of our deep knowledge and expertise in every aspect of control room design.

Personal Attention To Every Detail

Our personal attention to detail is also a key feature of the LundHalsey service. Control rooms manage and control critical risks. If they fail to perform well, the risks increase. We believe there is a moral responsibility to good control room design, even beyond the need for regulatory compliance.

We believe in mitigating every risk we can identify, not just those that are mandated for attention. Our rigorous design process means we consider every aspect of operational performance and human factors in our design proposals and project delivery.

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