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Standards And Guidance

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As well as corporate, regional regulatory and industry specific governance, there are globally recognised safety critical industry standards such as ISO 11064 and EEMUA Publication 201 Edition 3.

LundHalsey has a strong track record of applying this governance within the contractual hierarchy of every industry, client, and project.

ISO 11064

ISO 11064 governs the ergonomic design of control centres, covering four main topics:

  • Principles for the design of control centres
  • Principles for the arrangement of control suites
  • Control room layout
  • Layout and dimensions of workstations

The principles and guidance are important but not exhaustive. It is impossible for a standards handbook to keep pace with every development in the fast-moving world of control room operating practices, operational technologies, operator roles and responsibilities, and products in the working environment.


ISO 11064
Phase A:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B/C:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase D/E:

LundHalsey’s expertise and experience give us the knowledge to apply the standards in real-world, contemporary control room settings, including the latest technology, roles and functions. Our user centred design methodology and structured processes incorporate the key principles set out in ISO 11064 and have the flexibility to embrace evolving industry.


The EEMUA guide describes best practice for control rooms – it is a guide to their operation, layout, specification, design, validation and commissioning. It complements the ISO 11064 guidance. EEMUA is the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association, an internationally recognised source of expertise and information for the engineering industry with a cross sector, cross industry approach.

LundHalsey’s design team adopts the principles of the EEMUA best practice guide within our design approach and methodology, working through the phases of concept, define, develop, execute and operate.

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