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Human-Centric, Risk-Led Design2024-04-04T12:52:35+01:00

Human-centric, risk-led design

Applying best practice in cutting-edge control rooms

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There are important ISO standards and industry best practice guidance for control room design. But they are not always easy to understand, interpret and apply in a modern, specialist control room. ISO 11064 provides a detailed checklist but doesn’t stipulate exactly how to implement it effectively in an individual environment.

The ever-changing demands on control rooms

Operational demands, technology and processes evolve constantly. The type of operator, roles and responsibilities in control room environments have diversified and changed a great deal in recent years. And that change is accelerating. There has been more radical change in the last five years than in the previous twenty. For example, AI features have expanded the potential and effectiveness of many control rooms – but they need to be considered in the design of the environment, to manage risk and ensure a maximum positive effect.

Regulatory standards like ISO 11064 are based on robust principles, but they are not prescriptive and they are constantly overtaken by new technology and commercial evolution. Our expertise means that we can apply them appropriately to the latest environments, even when the specifics of new technologies and practices aren’t specifically covered. A user-centred design approach is vital.

A customised, risk-led design process

We use our rigorous design process to identify specific risks in each individual control room. Based on those risks, we apply the right detailed elements of ISO 11064. By default, we don’t carry out unnecessary task or workload analysis in every area – instead we identify and analyse only the areas where there’s risk involved, to avoid wasted effort and cost. We assess each environment individually and apply our expertise to the areas that require risk mitigation.

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Look around… the interactive panorama below demonstrates our innovative and immersive approach to control room design, visualisation and early-stage planning and collaboration.

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