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ISO 11064 Phase A/B/C: User Requirement And Conceptual Layout2024-02-21T11:17:01+00:00

ISO 11064 Phase A/B/C:
User Requirement And Conceptual Layout

Control Room Design

ISO 11064
Phase A:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B:

ISO 11064
Phase A/B/C:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase C/D:

ISO 11064
Phase D/E:

A systematic approach to understanding detailed user and operational needs, to optimise the initial designs of a completely new control room.

LundHalsey’s experts use a structured, user-centred methodology to identify and describe all operational needs. This report can be used to set out the primary requirements as a base for future design phases. It’s a firm foundation for detailed design, so we can define your equipment requirements and produce conceptual layouts and space planning in direct relation to tasks carried out and operational needs.

We can support you with site selection, referring to QRA documents if relevant and considering specific performance criteria and features of buildings or rooms.

If project risk assessments are available, we build in their findings and recommendations to the process and output.

Our approach covers the full range of operational factors:

  • Roles
  • Staffing levels
  • Shift patterns
  • Shift handovers
  • Responsibilities for high level tasks
  • Situational awareness
  • Functional adjacency
  • Communication links
  • Security
  • Technology reviews or guidance
  • Technical furniture reviews or guidance
  • Equipment levels (ensuring situational awareness) positioning and mounting methods
  • Overviews – type, location, and content or operational purpose
  • Operator lines of sight, viewing angles and distances (minutes of arc assessments on critical text heights)

Key working environment operator Performance Shaping Factors (PSFs):

  • Lighting environment
  • Acoustic environment
  • Thermal environment
  • Air quality
  • Vibration

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