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I first came across with LundHalsey in Amsterdam during IBC where I met with Will Lund on their stand to discuss the initial stages of our prestigious project.

This was a great opportunity to see the quality and high functionality of their products plus discuss how they could help using their internal design service LundHalsey were quick to respond with delivering technical drawings based on project parameters we had set out from the start.

The next phase was detailed project engagement and management which was where we were introduced to Samuel Jiménez, Sales Agent for LundHalsey in Barcelona. Samuel visited our site on numerous occasions helping progress the design/implementation as well as educating the team on the benefits of professional technical furniture.

We were invited for a factory acceptance test at their premises in the UK. It was during this visit that we had the chance to sit our consoles before delivery. I am pleased to say that we were delighted with the result and approved acceptance for delivery within a few hours of inspection. The few minor changes that we requested were dealt with and actioned on the day.

“I am now looking forward to working again with LundHalsey on our next project knowing that this part of the process will be managed effectively and efficiently.”

Pep Ribas
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Dorna Sports | Lund Halsey
Dorna Sports | Lund Halsey

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