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Dubai International Airport Enhances Airside Operations with Lund Halsey’s Bespoke Console Solutions

Lund Halsey Dubai Airports News 2024

Dubai International Airport (DXB), a global aviation leader, has further solidified its position with the unveiling of its Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC). In a strategic collaboration, the Dubai Airports Engineering Project selected our team to enhance the AOCC with a high-performing control room facility, with custom console solutions designed for 24/7 critical operations. With a focus on ensuring operational excellence and comfort for operators, this project demonstrated a significant leap in airside operation management.

Our expertise and experience was instrumental in delivering a project that blends cutting-edge design with practical ergonomics, covering everything from consultancy planning to the final installation of 98 console positions and a specialized 16-person emergency response centre table. Achieved within a very tight timeline, this project highlights the strength of partnership and innovation between the Lund Halsey team and Dubai Airport.

Not only does this project underline our continued commitment to excellence of service and delivery, it also enhances DXB's capability to manage its operations more efficiently, to maintain its status as a world-leading airport.

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