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Embracing Evolution: ISO 11064 And Modern Control Room Operations

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Since the introduction of ISO 11064, the landscape of 24/7 safety-critical control room operations has undergone profound change, and while advancements like remote operations, AI integration, and enhanced system designs have reshaped the way we operate, the core principles of a user-centric approach remains.

Part 1 and now Part 10 of ISO 11064 continue to emphasise the importance of placing users at the heart of control room design and operation, but as we navigate through an era of continued technological innovation, it's crucial to reflect on whether our current control room setups truly meet the operational needs and user requirements while effectively mitigating potential risks.

Key developments in control room operations and design, have presented both opportunities and challenges which include:

  • the introduction of remote operations
  • the integration of AI
  • the proliferation of information channels (E.g. big data/remote condition-based monitoring/virtual digital twins)

As we harness these and other advancements to enhance efficiency and productivity, it's essential that our control rooms prioritise the well-being and effectiveness of operators.

From human-machine interface technologies to the optimisation of working environments, every aspect of control room design plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall operational experience.

By continuously evaluating and adapting to changing working practices, emerging technologies, and user feedback, we can create control room environments that are not only technologically advanced but also conducive to operator performance and safety.

As we reflect on the role of ISO 11064 to the present day, our commitment to placing users at the forefront of control room design and operation must continue…

Does your current control room meet all operational needs and user requirements while effectively addressing potential risks?

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