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In 2017, Qvest Media upgraded the control room workstations for Home Shopping Europe GmbH (HSE24). During the course of this upgrade project, Qvest Media recommended control room furniture from its partner LundHalsey, a specialist in ergonomic control room and studio furniture, which impressed us right from the outset with its architecture, functionality and color composition.

We eventually chose the HA Kontrol Command product line. During the project, we had the opportunity to observe/track the production of the control furniture in the UK and to coordinate the final details with the manufacturer in person. The furniture was delivered to and set up at the installation site in Ismaning near Munich on schedule and to our exact specifications by the teams from LundHalsey and Qvest Media.

The HSE24 employees at the control room workstations are very impressed by their new desks. The furniture is of excellent quality. The finishes on the edges and the functionality of the electric height adjustment features have so far been flawless. Minor adjustments to control elements and desk inserts were carried out on site without any problems. After six months of permanent use, we are satisfied that our decision to set up the control rooms with individual desks was the right one.

“Our experience with LundHalsey during the control room renovation project was outstanding and we would be happy to use the manufacturer’s products again at any time owing to the modern design and excellent customer service. The cleverly positioned LED edge lighting on the desks adds a certain airiness to the products and the room itself.”

Dieter Baron
Vice President, Broadcast Engineering

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HSE24 | Lund Halsey
HSE24 | Lund Halsey

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