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Fusion Q Technology (Qatar) and Lund Halsey (UK) Announce Exclusive Partnership to Drive Innovation and Excellence in Air Traffic Control Console Solutions for the Qatar Market.

LundHalsey Fusion Qatar ATC ATM partnership

Fusion Q Technology Qatar, a leading technology solutions provider, is excited to unveil a strategic collaboration with Lund Halsey, a prominent UK-based manufacturer and global provider of high-quality ATM control room consoles and furniture solutions. This exclusive partnership aims to redefine aviation workspace solutions across Qatar by merging Fusion Q Technology’s expertise in cutting-edge technology with Lund Halsey’s innovative design and manufacturing proficiency.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for both companies, aligning Fusion Q Technology’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions with Lund Halsey’s legacy of creating premium quality, ergonomic and durable technical furniture for control rooms and command centres.

“As pioneers in our respective fields, Fusion Q Technology Qatar and Lund Halsey share a vision of reshaping workspace functionality through seamless integration of technology and design. This exclusive partnership empowers us to provide unparalleled solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients in Hamad and Doha International Airports, ensuring optimized work environments that foster productivity & innovation while prioritizing human factors within Air Traffic Control Operations,” said Mr. Hassan Al Moussawi, Managing Partner at Fusion Q Technology Qatar.

The collaboration has been crowned with the first award of 20 air traffic control consoles to be installed at the Backup Air Traffic Control building of the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA). This milestone underscores the commitment of both Fusion Q Technology Qatar and Lund Halsey in delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate operational efficiency within mission-critical environments.

Lund Halsey’s dedication to innovation and design excellence combined with the delivery of ‘Best-In-Class ATM’ furniture that enhances operational efficiency, and this perfectly complements Fusion Q Technology’s commitment to delivering high-performance technology solutions. This partnership will provide comprehensive offerings, delivering end-to-end solutions encompassing innovation and purpose-built ATM furniture for mission-critical environments.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Fusion Q Technology Qatar, utilizing both our local knowledge and experience with our global credentials in creating bespoke furniture solutions for control rooms alongside their technological advancements. Together, we aim to set new higher standards in aviation workspace, offering clients in Qatar unparalleled solutions that seamlessly integrate technology with ergonomic and high performance, human centred design solutions.” stated Mr. Charles Evett, Chief Operating Officer at Lund Halsey.

This exclusive collaboration between Fusion Q Technology Qatar and Lund Halsey for the Qatari market represents a significant stride towards innovation in ATM workspace solutions, promising a future where technology and design harmoniously elevate operational excellence in air traffic control environments and beyond.

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