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Qvest Media project at Mediacorp for LundHalsey Website Realising the overall planning of a project as ambitious as Mediacorp’s new broadcasting and media campus at Mediapolis@one-north belongs with the most exciting challenges Qvest Media has faced in recent years. The goal being to establish new operational workflows allowing for interoperability across different divisions, we not only had to rethink systems architecture and integration but also develop new ideas on workspace design.

In LundHalsey we found the perfect partner in the latter endeavour. Their exceptional experience in the design and manufacturing of control room furniture was instrumental in our shaping an integrated workspace infrastructure that is both highly functional and flexible so as to accommodate the changing needs of the broadcast industry. To that end, LundHalsey provided more than 100 pieces of custom-made furniture to accommodate the technical operating equipment, including editing and colour-grading tables as well as rack systems and tabletop enclosures for the new campus’ myriad production facilities – not to mention hundreds of speakers supports, monitor arms and such.

“From start to finish, the collaboration with LundHalsey has been exemplary. The quality of the designs as well as the finished products not only met all technical requirements and attested to a keen eye for aesthetics and workplace organisation, but also clearly incorporated Mediacorp’s objective to provide its staff physical work spaces that help promote synergies. We would absolutely consider LundHalsey again for future projects,”

Konstantin Knauf
Managing Director Qvest Media Singapore

“We wanted the building’s architectural design with its open structures also to be reflected in the work spaces. The new campus with its highly functional furniture and state-of-the-art technology represents Mediacorp’s transformation to a media company for the digital age that allows for a pleasant and transparent working environment with close interoperability across all divisions.”

Norraine Yusof
Senior Vice President Mediacorp

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Mediacorp | Lund Halsey
Mediacorp | Lund Halsey

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