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We were recommended LundHalsey by one of our partners and, all the way from the first meeting to delivery of the finished products, our experience with LundHalsey has been excellent. Our desks were designed according to our specifications, without TV 2 having to spend a lot of time in this process, and they were all delivered within the agreed timeframe and costs. The support and service from LundHalsey throughout this process has been outstanding. Even if this project only involved one control room we felt valued as a customer at all times. I would especially like to mention the sales representative Will as an excellent and very helpful resource to our project.

Our desks were custom made for us based on a standard LundHalsey design and our design requests. This means a lot of smart solutions and features in terms of cable management, monitor stands and ergonomics. The modular design of the desks enables us to add, remove or replace desktop control devices (audio selectors, intercom panels etc.) if the requirements change in the future. This is a big improvement for us compared to desk solutions used in previous control rooms, where the entire desk had to be re-built if the desktop environment changed.

One of the things we like best about our new desks is the quality. They are rock-solid in all ways, from the cabinet doors to the desktop itself. In addition, they look really good and fits perfectly into the modern interior of our new facilities here at TV 2. We have built a control room that we are very proud of, and that will provide a fantastic work environment for our operators in TV 2.

“I Would Not Hesitate In Choosing Lundhalsey For Future Projects. The Design, Quality And Flexibility Of Our New Desks, Combined With The Excellent Customer Service Of Lundhalsey, Are Some Reasons To Why I Would Definitely Recommend Them To Everyone Who Is Looking For New Control And Monitoring Surfaces.”

Jan Hermundstad, Systems Engineer
Department Of Technology, TV 2 Norway

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TV2 Bergen | Lund Halsey
TV2 Bergen | Lund Halsey

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