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Last month, Airspace World, Geneva became the focal point for advancements in Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) and provided our team with the perfect opportunity to showcase our aviation offering and at the same time unveil our latest innovation in control room consoles. Designed specifically for ATM and ATC applications, Charles Evett and Jiri Vetrovec were both on hand to demonstrate the impressive feature set and functional design excellence that our latest console offers, making it the perfect solution for critical aviation environments.

A Leap in Ergonomic Design and Functionality
Engineered with precision, our latest console offers a fusion of modern design, unparalleled ergonomics, adjustability and scalability.

  • Sit/Stand Height Adjustability: Promoting operational efficiency and comfort and operator well-being by alternating between sit and stand operation, combating fatigue and enhancing focus.
  • Multi-directional Monitor Clusters: Easy to adjust motorised monitor clusters ensure optimal viewing angles for every operator, crucial for maintaining situational awareness.
  • Powered Equipment Wedges: Accessibility is key in high-stakes environments. Our console's powered wedges provide quick and easy access to essential equipment, streamlining workflow and operations.
  • User Profile Management: recognising the diverse needs of operators and shift patterns, this feature allows for the customisation of user profiles via an integrated control panel, ensuring a quick handover and a comfortable, productive workspace for everyone.

This innovative console can be used as a standalone or in within a configured control room array and we also offer a complete customisation service – it’s already garnering attention from leading professionals across the ATM and ATC sectors, marking a significant step forward in operational technology.

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Upcoming Exhibitions and Further Information
To stay updated on where we will be showcasing our innovative solutions next, visit our exhibitions page here.

If you are interested in learning more about the revolutionary ATC and ATM console unveiled at Airspace World this year, please reach out to our sales support team who will be happy to help.

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