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Immensely proud to deliver innovative 24/7/365 ‘follow the sun’ control room facilities for Riot Games

Lund Halsey Riot Games News 2024

Riot Games are a pioneer in developing player-centric experiences and consistently pushed boundaries, with League of Legends emerging as a global sensation upon its release in 2009. Now, Riot Games has broken new ground once again with its Dublin based Remote Broadcast Centre (RBC) powered by AWS, designed to revolutionise the world of esports broadcasting.

At the heart of this initiative, the RBC forms part of a network of global broadcasting hubs strategically positioned around the world, to create a "follow-the-sun" model, whereby seamlessly live esports can be delivered and enjoyed 24/7/365.

The partnership between our team and Riot Games continued over a 4-month period, and we were tasked with designing a state-of-the-art control room facility, from planning of the operational layout, all the way through to manufacturing and installing custom control room consoles, all tailored to precise specifications.

Our team are immensely proud to be involved in a project that exemplifies how partnerships can drive innovation to advance landscapes.

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