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Radio Broadcast

With over 30 years of major radio broadcast installations around the world, LundHalsey’s market-leading technical furniture provides unrivaled broadcast studio and edit desk solutions.

The e-Type console provides a full range of modules which can meet any requirement and easily adapt for future additions and operational changes.

Our consoles are chosen by system integrators for its functionality, speed of assembly and full flexibility.

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End Users

  • BBC 1 Radio
  • BBC World Service
  • Dubai Radio
  • BFBS
  • Botswana
  • KSA Radio
  • National Hospital Radio

Types of Studio or Control Room Consoles

PCR, MCR, Edit, Ingest, Gallery, Voice Over, Commentary, Playout, ProTools, Post Productions, Avid Edit, Monitor Walls, Multiviews, Radio, Broadcast Studios, Mixer Consoles, Sound Mixer, Radio DJ, Guest Console, Presenter Desk, Acoustic Table